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Coldplay Concert Ticket

…..I have to say Coldplay was a pretty tough ticket to get last minute. For the first time in a long time (probably since U2’s Vertigo Tour) I didn’t find any last minute singles on ticketmaster. At any rate I made out better than OK with a side stage (Bucklands side) seated 8 rows from the edge. Nice!! The crowd was a very, very happy bunch. It seemed like everyone I talked to was much more than a casual fan. They all seemed seriously devoted. When I squeezed into my section 110 row 8 seat 9 location (I’m a bigger guy) I said to the woman I sat beside, ” I bet you hoped no one would be taking this seat” her reply exemplified what the overall vibe of the entire ACC seemed to be, she said ” I wouldn’t deny anyone this experience”. Those words quite simply said it all! What a perfect line!!

The instrumental Life in Technicolor opened the show. This was another statement of sorts. A song to say “we are a working, rocking band and not just a singer/ songwriter on keyboards. It also comes through in the mix with a richer guitar and drum sound on the new CD. Coldplay rolls into the huge single Violet Hill and then Clocks from A Rush of Blood, which is the first of what will be 5 tunes from this CD. Clocks comes across perfect. The crowd is into every word. I love Clocks. We are on our feet from note #1 until the end of the show.



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Joe Cocker opens for the Steve Miller Band

We arrived and headed into the Moslon Amphitheatre earlier than usual around 7:30pm or so and it still wasn’t early enough to see all of Joe Cocker’s set. We missed songs like “When The Night Comes”, “One” by U2 and “You Are So Beautiful” to name a few. No tickets were sold for the Lawn at all so the crowd was tight a grooving away in their seats to Joe Cocker and his band.P1030550

5th Row centre lends us a nice view of the stage and as I glance around to meet our family for the evening it seems it’s Mr King Can and Mike S. Hard Lemonade. This appeared to be the 45-55 crowd who hadn’t been out in a few years or that they had started the cottage party early… now as “You Can Leave Your Hat On” drifts down off the stage into our laps… people dance and look amazed at how well Mr Cocker is carrying out his set. The history of this music was hitting everyone and when A Little Help From My Friends launched it’s epic intro guitar riff… you couldn’t help feel that energy usually reserved for the “main act” – check out a couple of minutes of it here….



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First time seeing the Black Crowes for me was August 15, 1992. The Crowes performed a free show at G. Ross Lord Park in Toronto, Ontario to celebrate the 15th birthday of our local radio station Q107. It was packed… and we wiggled our way towards the soundboard. When we got there some of the members of the Kids In The Hall were right beside us. 16 Years later …Kids In The Hall member Mark Mckinney walked right past us out front of Massey Hall.

I saw them again in 2005 at the Kool Haus with my wife and we loved the show. It was a real Rock and Roll concert. So for this show I asked a good friend of mine to say a few words about his take on The Black Crowes at Massey Hall……………..  Jeff

black crowes ticket toronto




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