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Joe Cocker opens for the Steve Miller Band

We arrived and headed into the Moslon Amphitheatre earlier than usual around 7:30pm or so and it still wasn’t early enough to see all of Joe Cocker’s set. We missed songs like “When The Night Comes”, “One” by U2 and “You Are So Beautiful” to name a few. No tickets were sold for the Lawn at all so the crowd was tight a grooving away in their seats to Joe Cocker and his band.P1030550

5th Row centre lends us a nice view of the stage and as I glance around to meet our family for the evening it seems it’s Mr King Can and Mike S. Hard Lemonade. This appeared to be the 45-55 crowd who hadn’t been out in a few years or that they had started the cottage party early… now as “You Can Leave Your Hat On” drifts down off the stage into our laps… people dance and look amazed at how well Mr Cocker is carrying out his set. The history of this music was hitting everyone and when A Little Help From My Friends launched it’s epic intro guitar riff… you couldn’t help feel that energy usually reserved for the “main act” – check out a couple of minutes of it here….



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