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The Rolling Stones Shine A Light IMAX Concert Movie

Shine A Light MoveHow many hot blond models can you cram in the front row of a theatre for a Rolling Stones concert movie? Ask Martin Scorsese he would probably know the exact number for sure. What I know for sure is that the front row looked great and this rockumentary could be the best concert film ever.

Filmed across 2 nights at the lush Beacon Theatre in NYC in the IMAX format the sound and picture quality are second to none.

Scorsese sneaks up on you a little at a time. The first 20 minutes or so of footage are presented in the standard cinema format and scenes oscillate between the director trying to nail down details with a band that can’t or refuses to be nailed down. Jagger won’t up the setlist and Scorsese needs the setlist to direct his cameras. There are several other exchanges between these to icons, most through a second or third party that just hilarious and really spells out how alike (more…)


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Video – CBC VIDEO – Stones play surprise charity concert

In late May early 1994 the streets of Toronto felt different somehow to me somehow much more alive. The Rolling Stones had arrived for rehearsals for their upcoming Voodoo Lounge Tour. The first sighting and public picture in the Toronto Sun was Mick giving the finger from the backseat of a limo window as he left Harbourside Studios where the video Love is Strong was being filmed. Next Ronnie and Keith are seen at bar 606 on King Street near Bathurst. I go check out the bar the next day walk in for a drink just to see where Keith may have sat when he ordered a toolbox. (not just a screw drive – the whole toolbox) Again Mick is seen at Milano on King Street. I meet my then girlfriend Lynda there for lunch the next day.

Soon I find out the band has commandeered the Greenwood Private school on Bayview Avenue for rehearsals. Man its tough, the school is set way back on the property and all I can really see are security guards walking around and windows covered with brown packing paper. This doesn’t me stop from hopping a fence and trying to get closer to find out if I can hear anything. I even consider at 1 point maybe climbing up on roof of the school and hiding out so I could listen to rehearsals but I retreat knowing this borders on insanity. Nope. No luck and the best that can be had is watching the town cars arrive late in the day. Rumour has it Mick signs once in awhile at the front gates but they are pretty close (more…)


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Rolling Stones 1979 ticket stubTicket Stub from the first show.

Keith Richards – CNIB 1979

Just a little background before I share the experience.

In March 1977 the Rolling Stones (billed as the Cockroaches) played and recorded 2 performances in a small club called the El Mocombo in Toronto. These shows would be culled down and added as an entire side to the soon to be released double live album Love You Live. The band arrived in late Feb. to prepare for the gigs. When Keith arrived he passed through customs ahead of his luggage and went on to the Harbour Castle Hotel. Customs found residue on certain items in is luggage. The find leads to a raid of his hotel suite and the confiscation of a significant amount of heroin. Keith was charged with importing. When you listen to the El Mocombo side of Love You Live, Jagger intros the band and when he intros Keith’s he says, “of course Keith is completely straight”. Another note Jagger changes the lyric in Its Only Rock & Roll to ” I bet you think you’re the only woman in Toronto”.



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