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Lindsey Buckingham Ticket

….I had been oscillating between going and not going to this show right up to the last minute for no other reason then I wasn’t feeling so hot. Needless to say I ended going and after a couple of songs I knew I had made a wise decision.

This show kind of felt like “An Evening with” and a little bit “story-teller” like.  Lindsay Buckingham hit the boards somewhere around 8:30PM and did 2 songs right off the bat from his new album Gift of Screws. I had never been a Lindsey Buckingham fan. I had never really not, been a fan. I just never really paid much attention. Last night all that changed! 2 songs into the show I was mesmerized by his style of guitar playing. This guy is a master at picking. I think throughout the whole show he may have used a guitar pick on 2 songs. The third song in is an older solo tune called Trouble. Even if I hadn’t been paying much attention to his solo material I knew the song and it had me thinking Oh! Yeah! This is a really good song!



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