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I left Toronto just after lunch and was lucky enough to catch a ride to Kingston, Ontario with a couple I had never met before Wesley and Suzanne. With a solo ticket Tragically Hip Ticket 2008 Kingston for this one , I knew I would run into a handful of other Hip Fans I have met through The Hipbase or various other Hip Tours over the 17 years I have followed this Canadian Music Hall of Fame Band. This rock couple were heading to the show in a convoy with another 1-2 vehicles all heading for an overnight roadtrip to see The Hip open up the all new K-Rock Arena. It was great to hear them talk about taking their kids on a family Trip down to the Rock Hall of Fame, Sun Studios and Graceland. Those are all on my list as my kids get a bit older. After sharing some stories and some truck stop food we arrived in Kingston just after 4pm. They checked in to their hotel and I headed over towards the Arena to see if I could get in a little early and see the Band’s sound check.



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830 LansdowneAve | Silver Jet Video Shoot

9am – 4:30pm

I arrived at 8:50 am on Friday Morning and was the last person who shook Gord D’s hand as he floated off to the Band’s holding room at 1:50 am Saturday morning – What happened in between was no doubt a highlight of my 11 years of Following the Band which includes “working backstage” at the 1st Another Roadside Attraction, the IVL release party, I & I at Much Music, parting at an apartment in NYC where Johnny Fay stayed before a Henhouse show at Irving Plaza and Dozens of other small & LARGE shows somewhere in the 45 range….



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