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I first heard The Kooks on satellite radio about a year ago maybe a little less. Naive is a really catchy tune, which I enjoyed right off the bat.

I bought the bands first and only CD INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT.

I also found I liked 3 more fresh out of the wrapper (She Moves in Her Own Way, I Want You Back, Jackie Big Tits) and a few more that grew on me over a short period of time. (Seaside, Got No Love, Ohh La, Eddies Gun) To me they have this Police, Kinks, Beatles, Oasis, and Reggae sound.

I would say liking this many songs from a new band and a first CD is a pretty good percentage.

I heard that the band was doing well in Europe and have done some pretty good-sized festival shows. This was only the second show The Kooks have played in Toronto. Luke Pritchard, the lead singer made a comment about this fact during the show. He said, ” this only our second show here and it seems pretty weird” and something about everyone seeming to be nice. I am pretty certain it was sold out and I didn’t see to many tickets on the street.



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