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Seconds before the start of this concert I decided to head up front near the stage. As I got within a few feet of the right corner I noticed a piece of the stage that was calling me. “Come over here and lean on me… and feel the music” So I did.

What a good move this proved to be as Dark Side Of The Moon started to unfold around me. This performance crept up on me, then behind me and finally back into the depths of my music sweetspot. Never have I stood here in the 5 years of coming to the Phoenix. Speak To Me and Breathe… drew me in… easily just on lead vocals alone. Rob Philips has Floyd in is blood. He kind of gives off that feeling that if someone missed their vocal he could do 2 voices at the same time… or if a drum beat was missed he would tap his guitar somehow and make it all sound ok. The baahaa’s and mumbling in the background always sounds so right. Standing right in front of Mr sound-fx himself it was nice to catch the vocal contribution from Murray up close as he and Leslea layered into the songs where required. (more…)


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The Doors album cover

One of my concert rituals is that I never listen to the band I am seeing on the day of the show. Not sure when I started doing this… I just find it heightens the initial blast of live music on game day. As I approached the The Phoenix I passed some 20-somethings downing the whiskey and other liquors as if there was a drought coming or The Doors. (flashback). Once inside I jockeyed up front as the band took position on stage.Doors Collage

Goosebumps outa the gates at the Phoenix – Break On Through is hardcore… this band is hardcore… heavy bass line… Clifton David delivers the first verse and I was hooked in… I looked around and the crowd was hooked. This song, done this well, this loud was killer. I ran to the back near the soundboard to high-5 (more…)


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There comes a time at most Live Music Events when you fall into a bit of a trance… this is different from the “hair standing up on the back of your neck” moment that many us experience but rarely talk about… the trance I am talking about is when the sound is perfect, your body is moving, you’ve forgotten there is a beer in your hand, forgot about your camera, you even seem to forget who you are with… and could care less about the pee you had to take 3 songs ago….when that moment fades back into the concert itself… you glance just slightly to one side to see if any of your concert partners were inside that moment with you… you get the nod… then back to the show hoping for another…

One of the above moments happened for me during DOGS. I’m not sure when and for how long… it was somewhere inside the first guitar solo… or maybe the hypnotic acoustic strum from Mike Daley… then again with Sheep … the extended voice echoes on words like “seem”, “dream” and “scream”… I loved it all. The vocals and guitar were right where we wanted and although I saw the mad-scientist behind the keys challenged a couple of times James Gray played a solid album with Linz joining in later during the encores.



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