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Daniel Lanois Concert Ticket

Friday Nov. 7th presented the practicing concertaholic¬† 2 big choices of either the sonic boom of AC/DC at the Rogers Centre with 44,999 other delirious fans or Daniel Lanois at a tiny obscure venue 1.5 hours south west of Toronto that seats about 300. It really wasn’t too hard a choice for me. I will take the opportunity to witness musical genius over a stadium blast anytime. (fortunately both bands are playing again very soon in Toronto and on different days)

The venue for Daniel Lanois had been moved at the last minute from the Old Roxy Theatre in Mount Forest Ontario to an even smaller, positively more obscure venue because of construction outside the Roxy. I guess the last minute change and possibly the steady downpour threw some people off because there were maybe only 150 people present in this hundred and something year old building. I had a nice 6th row seat anyway but I couldn’t help myself and moved up to the 3rd row centre when I realized the show about to begin and the entire row was still empty.



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