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One thing is to go to a concert to catch a great band. Another thing is to go to the show and get up close. Yet another is to go and get up close and get your hands on things. Like Bruce’s friggin’ guitar strings…  not just any guitar but none other than the Ash telecaster with the black pick guard!!! I don’t mean just brushing the strings! I seriously mean hitting the strings like Bam! Bam!  I got them huge!! This is the guitar that will some day be in the Smithsonian or the Rock Hall of Fame!!!  A big time highlight for me tonight!! This was 3rd time I had the chance to touch the famous telecaster.

The VIP line up out front was fun but whatever reason there were far less people than the Magic tour. Maybe it was the back to back tours or the less than enthusiastic response to the new album, Working on a Dream. The house was sold out and tickets were selling on the street in the $250 range for a GA floor. At any rate the final wrist band handed out was number 676 (Magic tour the VIP line was @1200). The pit would take 350 tonight and that meant odds were better than 50 /50. Number 396 was drawn and 2 of the friends I went down with were in.  You know I wouldn’t be far behind.



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“possibly the best audience in North America for the Magic tour — including Boston shows,” from

I actually had a ticket to see Elton John in Kitchener this day. I unloaded my single on Craigslist hours before the show and opted out of the 29 song evening of piano and bolted to Hamilton to join Todd and some other friends in the VIP area of general admission on the floor for Bruce Springsteen. Wow what a decision that turned out to be…. I’ll let Todd tell his story ” … Jeff

Come on Up for the Rising…

Man last night we were there! Hamilton, Ontario was on fire and brother Bruce Springsteen was not only in the house he owned the place!
Bruce Springsteen ticket
We arrived early somewhere around 2PM to get a wristband for the pit lottery. Our thought process was that I would get 1 in the first few hundred and my friend would get their wrist band somewhere in the next few hundred. So hopefully 1 of us would be getting in for sure. You know sacrifice your buddy for the cause! By the time 5:15PM rolled around (more…)


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