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Aerosmith by Classic Albums Live

I had a front row seat for Grand Funk Railroad for Friday night this week in Niagara Falls. So I was not planning on going to this Aerosmith show. With plans to go north for 4 days… Two shows in a row before you back up the family is a tough juggle so I gave my front row to a friend who lives close by the venue and decided to get my guitar injection before going to cottage country with Classic Albums Live’s presentation of “Toys In The Attic” and “Rocks“.

I bolted downtown and skipped by the guy selling fake $10 tickets out front. The light crowd tonight only means I stand closer than usual. Aerosmith was never heavy on roatation in my teen years and to be honest I probably know very little about this era of Aerosmith. Other then Walk This Way, Last Child and Sweet Emotion I don’t know every little riff and lyric like many of the other shows I see from CAL representing Classic Rock. In the end it didn’t really mater because I got what I get on every visit to a Classic Albums Live Show… I got Rocked! You get to stand in front of Journeymen for the price of double martini. It’s a steal every month and the hardcore fans know it.



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Discovering … My Morning Jacket. It started with frequent reading of Live Music Blog who seem to really dig this band. Only months ago after reading articles and reviews I decided to head over to youtube and watch a few videos. Goosebumps from a youtube video of a band I had never heard before was a good sign. So I grabbed a couple of their CD’s and found out they had just been in my home town here playing at a Berkeley Church. Damm I missed. No fear… they are coming back so I grabbed this ticket below.
ticket stub My Morning Jacket

Having had a few friends tell me they knew about this band got my mind racing with thoughts like “why didn’t you tell me about them before”… I had read about the festivals, the setlist from Bonnaroo and the future Madison Square Garden show this coming New Years Eve…. then why am I standing in front of one of the lower end concert venues in our city? Kool Haus is not known for great acoustics… but much like my last visit here a couple years ago to see The Black Crowes I planned on being CLOSE so it wouldn’t matter too much.



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Raconteurs June 5th 2008 Kool Haus 001When the alignment of a really good band, a really good venue and a general admission situation that allows the opportunity to arrive early and get up close, great things can happen!! They certainly did last night as The Raconteurs brought their sold out Nashville Tennessee Rock & Roll show to the Kool Haus in Toronto!!

I was so glad to hear that the show had been moved from the Ricoh Coliseum to the much smaller venue. I guess Kool Haus may hold 1500 at capacity. Aside from venue size I understand the acoustics at Ricoh are not the greatest. I haven’t witnessed it first hand but have heard this complaint more than once.

First off Jack White is impossibly pale. He must work at that look!! Workin’ nights staying away from daylight!!
RaconteursConcert Ticket
The band rolls right into Consoler and hardly takes a breather for the first few. I guess about 4 or so songs in we get Jack on the keyboards for You Don’t Understand Me the keyboards are so nice! (more…)


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