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Coldplay Concert Ticket

…..I have to say Coldplay was a pretty tough ticket to get last minute. For the first time in a long time (probably since U2’s Vertigo Tour) I didn’t find any last minute singles on ticketmaster. At any rate I made out better than OK with a side stage (Bucklands side) seated 8 rows from the edge. Nice!! The crowd was a very, very happy bunch. It seemed like everyone I talked to was much more than a casual fan. They all seemed seriously devoted. When I squeezed into my section 110 row 8 seat 9 location (I’m a bigger guy) I said to the woman I sat beside, ” I bet you hoped no one would be taking this seat” her reply exemplified what the overall vibe of the entire ACC seemed to be, she said ” I wouldn’t deny anyone this experience”. Those words quite simply said it all! What a perfect line!!

The instrumental Life in Technicolor opened the show. This was another statement of sorts. A song to say “we are a working, rocking band and not just a singer/ songwriter on keyboards. It also comes through in the mix with a richer guitar and drum sound on the new CD. Coldplay rolls into the huge single Violet Hill and then Clocks from A Rush of Blood, which is the first of what will be 5 tunes from this CD. Clocks comes across perfect. The crowd is into every word. I love Clocks. We are on our feet from note #1 until the end of the show.



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