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I left Toronto just after lunch and was lucky enough to catch a ride to Kingston, Ontario with a couple I had never met before Wesley and Suzanne. With a solo ticket Tragically Hip Ticket 2008 Kingston for this one , I knew I would run into a handful of other Hip Fans I have met through The Hipbase or various other Hip Tours over the 17 years I have followed this Canadian Music Hall of Fame Band. This rock couple were heading to the show in a convoy with another 1-2 vehicles all heading for an overnight roadtrip to see The Hip open up the all new K-Rock Arena. It was great to hear them talk about taking their kids on a family Trip down to the Rock Hall of Fame, Sun Studios and Graceland. Those are all on my list as my kids get a bit older. After sharing some stories and some truck stop food we arrived in Kingston just after 4pm. They checked in to their hotel and I headed over towards the Arena to see if I could get in a little early and see the Band’s sound check.


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There comes a time at most Live Music Events when you fall into a bit of a trance… this is different from the “hair standing up on the back of your neck” moment that many us experience but rarely talk about… the trance I am talking about is when the sound is perfect, your body is moving, you’ve forgotten there is a beer in your hand, forgot about your camera, you even seem to forget who you are with… and could care less about the pee you had to take 3 songs ago….when that moment fades back into the concert itself… you glance just slightly to one side to see if any of your concert partners were inside that moment with you… you get the nod… then back to the show hoping for another…

One of the above moments happened for me during DOGS. I’m not sure when and for how long… it was somewhere inside the first guitar solo… or maybe the hypnotic acoustic strum from Mike Daley… then again with Sheep … the extended voice echoes on words like “seem”, “dream” and “scream”… I loved it all. The vocals and guitar were right where we wanted and although I saw the mad-scientist behind the keys challenged a couple of times James Gray played a solid album with Linz joining in later during the encores.


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I first heard The Kooks on satellite radio about a year ago maybe a little less. Naive is a really catchy tune, which I enjoyed right off the bat.

I bought the bands first and only CD INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT.

I also found I liked 3 more fresh out of the wrapper (She Moves in Her Own Way, I Want You Back, Jackie Big Tits) and a few more that grew on me over a short period of time. (Seaside, Got No Love, Ohh La, Eddies Gun) To me they have this Police, Kinks, Beatles, Oasis, and Reggae sound.

I would say liking this many songs from a new band and a first CD is a pretty good percentage.

I heard that the band was doing well in Europe and have done some pretty good-sized festival shows. This was only the second show The Kooks have played in Toronto. Luke Pritchard, the lead singer made a comment about this fact during the show. He said, ” this only our second show here and it seems pretty weird” and something about everyone seeming to be nice. I am pretty certain it was sold out and I didn’t see to many tickets on the street.


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