I first heard The Kooks on satellite radio about a year ago maybe a little less. Naive is a really catchy tune, which I enjoyed right off the bat.

I bought the bands first and only CD INSIDE IN INSIDE OUT.

I also found I liked 3 more fresh out of the wrapper (She Moves in Her Own Way, I Want You Back, Jackie Big Tits) and a few more that grew on me over a short period of time. (Seaside, Got No Love, Ohh La, Eddies Gun) To me they have this Police, Kinks, Beatles, Oasis, and Reggae sound.

I would say liking this many songs from a new band and a first CD is a pretty good percentage.

I heard that the band was doing well in Europe and have done some pretty good-sized festival shows. This was only the second show The Kooks have played in Toronto. Luke Pritchard, the lead singer made a comment about this fact during the show. He said, ” this only our second show here and it seems pretty weird” and something about everyone seeming to be nice. I am pretty certain it was sold out and I didn’t see to many tickets on the street.

Anyway, the guy does have a really great stage presence. Out there in his loose fitting billowing white shirt Luke keeps the banter light and just at the right pace to keep everyone interested and laughing. He truly is a natural performer who¬†doesn’t come across as contrived at all.

The band had enough of their own material plus a cover or 2 to play for well over an hour. The set list / songs flowed nicely with quite a lot of singing along. You can imagine with only the 1 CD how well a sold out crowd would know this stuff. The acoustic tunes that they played like Seaside came across beautifully without any sense of losing the momentum of the show. The band seemed pretty tight but Pritchard really carries the show. Did I hear solo CD / band tension already!!! They played a few songs from a soon to be released second CD called KONK.

At 1 point someone requested a song that had been played earlier and Luke says,” we already played that one, aren’t you listening … are you from England by chance”. Pretty funny!!


The closers Jackie Big Tits and the Peter Bjorn and John’s Young Folks worked out very well. I can’t say this was over the top but I really enjoyed myself and to get this level of entertainment for $20 is just crazy!! You know what, the opening band was OK too. Sweet Thing, a band from Toronto opened the show. I stood back by the soundboard and merchandise table and Sweet Thing seemed to be selling and signing quite a few CD’s.

I would rather see an OK band in a really good venue (acoustics and sight lines) then a great band in a shitty venue!! It was well worth the freezing February 2- block walk from my car to the Mod Club.

I know The Kooks are coming back June 4th to do a show at the Kool Haus. I will be heading down there for more fun!!!




Another couple of video clips from the show !!

Thanks to Brandon Teed for the cool Kooks Photos

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