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Raconteurs June 5th 2008 Kool Haus 001When the alignment of a really good band, a really good venue and a general admission situation that allows the opportunity to arrive early and get up close, great things can happen!! They certainly did last night as The Raconteurs brought their sold out Nashville Tennessee Rock & Roll show to the Kool Haus in Toronto!!

I was so glad to hear that the show had been moved from the Ricoh Coliseum to the much smaller venue. I guess Kool Haus may hold 1500 at capacity. Aside from venue size I understand the acoustics at Ricoh are not the greatest. I haven’t witnessed it first hand but have heard this complaint more than once.

First off Jack White is impossibly pale. He must work at that look!! Workin’ nights staying away from daylight!!
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The band rolls right into Consoler and hardly takes a breather for the first few. I guess about 4 or so songs in we get Jack on the keyboards for You Don’t Understand Me the keyboards are so nice! (more…)

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