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It isn’t just a rock show!! U2’s 360 Tour is a massive spectacle!!  This band is at the absolute pinnacle of their success in many ways!! Heading into this show if you want to be close to the stage you have to go the full GA immersion. You have to get down early and stay alert and get ready to run when you can. Jeff got down to the Rogers Centre somewhere around 8:30AM and I arrived just after. There was a fan list being done that never really helped much but none the less we were numbers 236 and 237. The first few barricades held tents, chairs, newspapers and lots of sleeping bags.  There were people who started camping out before the first show was even over and others who attended show #1 on the 16th & walked out of the venue and right back into line.


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We got down to the venue early and out back of Massey Hall is also the backside of a theatre showing a premiere of ONDINE. There was a small crowd waiting to see Colin Farrell & U2’s Bono and Edge. We snagged a brief video of their exit and then headed towards the front doors of Massey Hall for the presentation of the 1985 Album LOVE by THE CULT.

We arrive at our seats in row 2 on the right side and I begin to hear security telling the front row that they will not be allowed to go up and approach the stage.? So I asked the person what they said and she told me that security was told that we are not allowed to STAND UP ? Are you kidding me. This is THE CULT. This is rock and roll. The security guard went on to tell us that the new promoter doesn’t want the people behind us to get upset and ask for refunds. He also said it was up to the band.


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…….I have just been getting into the new BLACK CROWES album BEFORE THE FROST…UNTIL THE FREEZEright away I notice a lot of pedal steel and some pretty traditional sounding country & country blues stuff… I look over the digital insert and there is this picture of the band sitting / standing outside the entrance to a beautiful log cabin. Man, that said it all it made so much sense the whole sound!  Strange how just a single picture can capture the entire “feel” of the album. I got to dig deeper!!


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