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So Ya, Thought Ya, Might Like To, Go To The Show….

This would be considered a “SPOILER” if you plan on seeing the presentation of THE WALL  featuring Roger Waters. This Tour will be remembered for sure. The few photos and videos I took from the 2nd row and what I am about to summarize  will for sure remove the surprise element from the experience for anyone who hasn’t see Pink Floyd or any of previous Roger Waters’ Tours.

Pink Floyd The Wall ticket 2010

……I saw the Radio Kaos Tour when Roger Waters stopped into Hamilton, Ontario around 1987 and both Pink Floyd tours after around the same time Delicate Sound, Momentary Lapse, Division Bell era.  Music aside the creativity that went into those tours set a new bar for me as a teenager early in my concert career. Now almost 23 years later the anticipation of seeing THE WALL in it’s original format was building by the minute.

When we first walked onto the floor and saw the Wall going up each side of the hockey rink the size of this show started to sink in…. heck if I hadn’t seen KISS just 6 nights ago it might have seemed even Bigger!.. But this still had a stadium feel at first glance.

Roger Waters in Toronto

“In The Flesh” – This was probably one of the best opening songs I have seen at a live concert. It was full steam ahead from the men on the bridge with flags, the fireworks, seeing Roger in his hoodie, lights swirling and that buzz under the hood of we’re seeing THE WALL !!!

… and of course the famous… “so ya thought ya might like to so to the show…” was truly electric and almost overwhelming. The lighting stretched back to the far end of the arena with additional speaker arrangements…above,  not sure if it was quadraphonic or just for effects… as we were too close to the stage to hear….but as the helicopter sound kicked in this lighting unit above the main stage appeared to have a small speaker stack on it as well and it moved forward with the spot light shooting into the crowd as if to be the light on the front of the helicopter, the sound moved with it…really wicked…

Roger Waters - The Wall - Toronto 2010

Some 25 lucky kids from The Regent Park School of Music ended up on stage to help sing over the track for Another Brick plus got to point at the floating 40 foot teacher. The overall sound was really good for a 1st show and most of the other musicians including Roger’s son on Keyboards were hard to see or get into with this large production unfolding…. except a little at the end of Run Like Hell as the band were in front of the wall closer to us.

I actually heard “Mother”start with Roger on acoustic and have the video it but I will spare you listening to the faint 1st verse that seemed to fall down with technical difficulties… the song never really got back on track for me.  The Wall of course was being built brick by brick as Side 1 Played out and the barrier starts to fill in… to the point yes where you could barely see the band.

After the intermission HEY YOU starts and the entire song almost is play behind the Wall…it’s cool and as the light shines thru the cracks and you hear the band playing it really shows what Roger was thinking about years ago of feeling that distance from some of the audience…those who were not engaged with him as he performed . Speaking of di-engaged…The guy beside me after introducing himself 4 times and asking about doing ACID kept praying for David Gilmour to walk out and join in. I didn’t feel that was going to happen. I didn’t feel it needed too….The Gilmour stand in did fine at most points and this was not Pink Floyd we were seeing… it is and was billed as “The Wall Live…featuring Roger Waters”

The imagery on the circle screen in the back dipped into parts from the Wall movie and the overall scenes on the 200+ foot WALL itself were quite thought provoking weaving in some of todays political issues and visuals from past Tours I had scene…all very cool to watch in a synchronized kinda way

“One Of My Turns” turned out beautiful as you can see below in the video and “Run Like Hell” with the flying pig got the crowd up, dancing and celebrating it seemed… security  told the front row to move back… and we all started to chant along with “THE TRIAL”... “bring down the wall, bring down the wall..” the WALL did come down..crashing faux bricks.

No encore, just The Wall and alot of entertainment to go along with an amazing album… I will leave the comments open here for others who visit the shows as the tour unfolds.  ROGER WATERS SETLIST AND MORE PHOTOS BELOW…




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Roger Waters |Set List for THE WALL in Toronto | ACC

Roger Waters |Set List for THE WALL in Toronto | ACC

18 Responses to “Roger Waters | The Wall in Toronto | Air Canada Centre | 2010”
  1. Sarah says:

    Great review! I was at the show and enjoyed it immensely as well.
    One thing that should be noted was the “some kids” that ended up on stage, were students from Regent Park School of Music. What a great way to tie (some of) the themes of the show with actual action. I was very impressed to see an artist round out their work so well.
    Not sure if weblinks are allowed, but go to the school’s website to donate if you feel inspired!

  2. theconcertaholic says:

    Thanks Sarah, I found out after and have edited the review with a link to their site. Often I get reviews up and then learn more and edit as the story unfolds or sometimes people correct me or add information.

    By the way I love the portrait on your site of the boy with headphones on. Are you involved with @homestars in some way? I am on the social media panel coming up end of month for GTA & Hamilton Homeshows…representing @tvinstallation – see ya around the city!

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow, it is a small internet world!
    Yes, I’m with HomeStars and will likely be seeing you at the GTA Home Show. Looking forward to meeting you :)

  4. matt recoskie says:

    Liked your review alot. Thanks for posting it. How long was the show. Was it only The Wall? No other songs?

  5. matt recoskie says:

    One more thing I forgot to ask. Did you see the Dark Side tour. If so which one did you like better. What would you rate each concert out of 10?

  6. Me says:

    Oh, God! I hope I don’t get “that guy” sitting next to me when I see him. I don’t need some 60 year old dude singing all the lyrics and ruining my concert experience. We all know the lyrics dude, now please quietly sing along in your head.

  7. Andy says:

    The show seems amazing and I can’t wait to see it in Boston where I here David Gilmour is playing one of the 3 shows there. It was in the local paper on Sunday. My only complaint if any about this tour is that he is only playing The Wall and no encore after it. The actual play time is only like and hour and a half at most stretch out to 2 hours with an intermission to make it appear longer. The Wall is my favorite album of all time. I just think he should have played at least another 45 minutes of encores after the wall came down. The past 7 times I seen Roger live he played at least two and a half hours and the ticket prices were only half the amount. Like when he played DSOTM he played an hour and 45 minutes of more music. Having said that it will still be the best concert I have ever been to, and I have been to 223 concerts and growing.

  8. concertfreak1 June says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting the videos and pix. They are amazing. I really love the shadowy Rog shots. My 16 yrold daughter went to the show this time instead of me so it was really nice that you shared and I could see what I missed. 2nd row at the Wall has to be a lifetime experience and Im sure you will be smiling for a few days.
    One of these shows Ill catch up to you. So great to know there are other concertaholics around.

  9. theconcertaholic says:

    @matt – no I passed on the DSOTM and not really sure why as I tend to hit all of the big shows when they come thru… something must have been off for me that week or month. Rating this as a concert is tough because it is a league of it’s own… I have seen better “live” musicians over 25 years of concerts… and everyone here was excellent… but the amount of thought,set up, size and history of The Wall cannot be compared … just remember this like Rock Theater in a way.

    @Andy – The Wall is alot and the intermission does break it up…for the price I would have loved to have seen even 30min of encore although the stage was destroyed by the end… I joked and said to my buddy now for an encore ANIMALS…

    @concertfreak1 – I am heading back on Saturday night with my wife, I want her to experience this…. and if my kids were a tad older than 6 & 8 and understood this I would have them there also… they have been to a handful of shows already… but this would be too big investment. I took us all to see Bon Jovi as they offered $17/tix last day before show for nosebleeds… great family outing for $80 total. I am taking my son to see Gordon Downie in Nov. here in Toronto.

  10. David says:

    Andy if you are refering to the Globe’s article in Boston they did not say Gilmour would definitely play one of the Boston shows, they just said he is doing one of the shows on the tour. It does seem like it will be a US date, I am going the first night in Boston so I hope you are correct and you prove me wrong- but my best is he plays the show at Madison Square Garden and I bet it will only be during Comfortably Numb (which Gilmour wrote most of the music for). Hopefully they can just tour together and use the Pink Floyd name. I am perfectly okay with them not playing anything else beyond the Wall, sure the tickets are expensive but that is a very elaborate stage, sound system etc. I saw the Dark Side of the Moon at the Garden a few years ago and it was completely worth the monet.

  11. Mark says:

    Thanks for the great looking and sounding video clips. I was at one of the five February 1980 Pink Floyd “Wall” shows at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY and to this day it remains one of the top 3 or 4 concerts I’ve ever seen. I have tickets for one of this year’s shows at Madison Square Garden and I’m anxious to see this spectacle with modern sound, lighting and sfx technology juicing it up over what I saw 30 years ago. Your site gave me a much better grab than a lot of the dreck posted on Youtube.

  12. theconcertaholic says:

    @Mark – I am back on Saturday Night sitting in the stands and will grab some more photos and videos of the show.
    All will be posted here and added to the Review to offer the Big picture on how the show looks, feels and comes off.

    Anyone planning on going to this show I suggest you watch this video – it filled in some blanks for me bigtime !!

    Thanks for dropping in everyone.

  13. Wayne says:


    Thanks as always for your great show review, with excellent pics and videos.
    I saw Radio Kaos at the Kingswood and I also saw the Delicate Sound and Momentary Lapse tours.

    I was at the 2nd show at the ACC with my son last night.
    We saw the DSOTM tour a few years ago.
    We sat at the blue line opposite the stage….an absolutely incredible view of the whole stage and show.
    A brilliant production, and to me it felt like a combination of the movie The Wall, Live in Berlin , and the double CD Is There Anybody Out There, the double CD box set of the 1980-81 tour, in full visual and animated 3-D.

    I’m sure 2nd row was amazing , but I think you missed 95% of the full visual effect of this presentation, and about the same % of the full sound by being in a place where we heard the well imaged sound.


    Wayne (dr.wu)

  14. Adriana says:

    Hey!!! Thanks so much for posting this review. I can’t belive that I will attend two concerts of the tour. The first one just in one month in Montreal since my best friend is inviting me to go together (obviously I would never reject that invitation cause Pink Floyd is my favorite band and Comfortably numb the best song ever) and in 3 months when Roger Waters presents in Mexico City, where I live. I even have 2 tickets of 2 of 3 dates, but I decided to give it as a christmas present to my brother.

    I don’t know where I will sit in Bell Centre, but for sure I will be in 5th row in front of the middle of the stage next december and I think that it will be a breath taking experience.

    I have only attended previously one RW’s concert (In the flesh tour) and I could even go to London but it was too much. I didn’t have a job when he presented in Mexico with his Dark side of the moon tour but I promised myself that that wouldn’t happen to me again. The tickets in Mexico were sold out in minutes.

    I was born in 1980 so I grew with The Wall and it defined my life. I think that after 30 years, listen again but now live my lullabies will be the best moment.

    I wish Roger Waters could decide to have an encore, at least he could sing Wish you were here since it’s a classic, or as someone suggested, Animals as it.

  15. chris says:

    I just saw the Tuesday show in Chicago at United Center. We had 8th row seats. It was an absolutely amazing experience! I, too, saw Waters on his Radio K.A.O.S., In the Flesh and DSOTM tours along with seeing Pink Floyd on their last two tours and the David Gilmour On an Island tour. All were amazing but seeing the Wall from the 8th row, in all it’s spectacular glory was breathtaking!! Thanks again for this site! Keep up the good work…

  16. Adam says:


    What I would give to see the “In the Flesh Live” tour with Doyle Bramhall. I always loved his work. Especially with interpreting Gilmour’s work.

    I will be at the Columbus show tomorrow night. I can’t wait. We are scalping, so who knows where we will sit. But the anticipation has been growing all week.

  17. Kenneth says:

    Saw the show last night in Houston. It was incredible. How I wish the “In The Flesh” tour from 1977 could get the same treatment. Thank you, Roger, for bringing The Wall to the masses. Only complaint was that it flew by so quickly.

  18. cpowers says:

    I enjoyed reading your view,very well said.This was the first Roger Waters show for me,can’t believe I missed the previous tours.I bought my ticket for the Sept 18 show right after they went on sale,sec.101,excellent seat.Just by chance I was downtown Sept. 15 and what the hell I will go see if there are any tickets for that show,I bought a ticket $55+,couldn’t believe it,Sec.320 limited view,which really wasn’t very limited,I was blown away.Also I’m almost certain I heard Roger say”I’ll be back”.Cheers.

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