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Seconds before the start of this concert I decided to head up front near the stage. As I got within a few feet of the right corner I noticed a piece of the stage that was calling me. “Come over here and lean on me… and feel the music” So I did.

What a good move this proved to be as Dark Side Of The Moon started to unfold around me. This performance crept up on me, then behind me and finally back into the depths of my music sweetspot. Never have I stood here in the 5 years of coming to the Phoenix. Speak To Me and Breathe… drew me in… easily just on lead vocals alone. Rob Philips has Floyd in is blood. He kind of gives off that feeling that if someone missed their vocal he could do 2 voices at the same time… or if a drum beat was missed he would tap his guitar somehow and make it all sound ok. The baahaa’s and mumbling in the background always sounds so right. Standing right in front of Mr sound-fx himself it was nice to catch the vocal contribution from Murray up close as he and Leslea layered into the songs where required. (more…)


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